— Attorney Joe Perry Redd

Judgment Collections

Atlanta, Georgia, Judgment Enforcement Attorney

You went to court and obtained a judgment against the client or customer who owes you money. Now what? Enforcing a money judgment can be the hardest part of debt collection. If you need help collecting the money you are owed under a court judgment, contact me Joe Perry Redd - an Atlanta collections lawyer with over 26 years of experience helping creditors.

We Collect Georgia and Out-of-State Judgments against Georgia Debtors

If you hold a judgment against a Georgia debtor from a court outside of Georgia, or from any Georgia or Federal Court (with the exception of Magistrate Courts) we will undertake collection action for you. We have experience enforcing and collecting Georgia judgments, out-of-state judgments and foreign judgments. We will make demand and then when the debtor refuses to pay we will commence garnishments on the debtor's employment wages and bank accounts.

Skilled at Discovering Where the Money or Assets are Located

If you do not know where the debtor is employed or where he banks, we can force the debtor (or an officer if a corporation) to come to our office and produce bank records. We can also force a debtor to testify under oath and penalty of perjury as to his employment, bank accounts, and real property. When appropriate we garnishee wages and income, bank accounts, and place liens on real property. If the debtor refuses to cooperate, we can obtain a court order to cooperate. If the debtor still fails to cooperate we can ask the court to jail the debtor, or corporate officer, for contempt at the Gray Bar Hotel (they will particularly love the food!) until they talk. We find this to be particularly effective in persuading debtors to "work with us" in making satisfactory arrangements on the debt. If a debtor has transferred the house into his wife's name, we may be able to get this reversed. Georgia law allows us to also take the depositions of "third parties" (read "wife), even if not liable on the debt, if we believe they have information about the debtor's assets. You would not believe how effective this can be!

If you need help enforcing a judgment against a Georgia resident call me at (888) 825-0106 to arrange for a free consultation or contact me by e-mail.