— Attorney Joe Perry Redd

Consumer Collections Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia

Out Money? I Can Help.

Hiring a collections lawyer has its advantages. For one, an attorney can take legal action that a collections agency cannot. Over the 30 years Joe Perry Redd has been in practice, he has worked on consumer collections for hundreds clients, and has earned a reputation for a rather uncompromising attitude when collecting debts and enforcing judgments on behalf of clients.

The legal tools that we can put to use for you include filing a consumer collections lawsuit, filing for and obtaining a money judgment, and judgment enforcement such as liens and bank account garnishment. If we exhaust all these efforts and we are still unable to get the debtor to pay, we can go through litigation in a trial. This is a last resort, but still an option we will employ if necessary.

More information about the consumer collections process can be found in Your Guide to the Collection Process. Remember, debt recovery is a process, but one that we are willing to undertake on your behalf based on a contingency fee*.

As a client, you do have creditor rights. As your legal team, we will stand together with you to enforce them.

"I do nothing but force deadbeats to pay their debt." — Attorney Joe Redd Perry

What We Do Not Do

We do not do Georgia Magistrate Court small claims, no matter the amount. We get calls every day saying "I've got a magistrate court judgment. Can you help?" Unfortunately, the answer is no, we cannot.

What You Can Do

You can call attorney Joe Perry Redd for a free consultation about the debt that's owed to you. Call Reddlaw at 888-826-0106, contact us online or send your files over by fax to 770-978-2994.

We have helped hundreds of clients with consumer collections in metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia and the United States.


*"Contingent attorney's fees" refers only to those fees charged by attorneys for their legal services. Such fees are not permitted in all types of cases, but are generally permitted in collection cases. Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action must be paid by the client. We will not incur expenses over $50 without your prior approval.