— Attorney Joe Perry Redd

Business Debt Collection Lawyer in Georgia

Small Business Collections: Show Them You Mean Business

Many of my clients are working at their small to medium-sized businesses when they come across a customer who simply refuses to pay their bill. As a business owner, you're just trying to make an honest living, but when someone decides not to pay it can take away your ability to pay employees, vendors and even your own bills.

You probably never thought that as a business owner you would need to hire a lawyer. You didn't even know there was a law firm that does only collections work. Well, here we are. Attorney Joe Perry Redd has been running down small business collections on behalf of clients for 30 years.

Debt Collection is a Process, Not an Event

As a lawyer, Joe Perry Redd has helped hundreds of clients in a way that collection agencies cannot: by filing lawsuits.

This does not mean that we can collect right away; in fact, it can take up to 30 days to get the debtor served, then up to 45 days to get an actionable court judgment for liens and garnishments. The process is slow, but debt collection is a process, and a road we've gone down many times before. Two to three months from now, you could be collecting on your debt instead of still being angry that you haven't done anything about it.

If you have a customer with unpaid debt, hire the commercial debt collection team of attorney Joe Perry Redd and Reddlaw. Call 888-826-0106, contact us online or send your files over by fax to 770-978-2994. We help with small-business collections and medium-size business collections in metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia and the United States.


*"Contingent attorney's fees" refers only to those fees charged by attorneys for their legal services. Such fees are not permitted in all types of cases, but are generally permitted in collection cases. Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action must be paid by the client. We will not incur expenses over $50 without your prior approval.