— Attorney Joe Perry Redd

Collections Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Overview: What We Do, and How We Do It

At Reddlaw, our team undertakes to collect debts from individual or commercial debtors anywhere in Georgia. We will accept cases from a minimum amount owed of $3,000.

We do not accept collection accounts for residential rent or Georgia Magistrate Court judgments, regardless of the amount. We do not do Fair Debt Collection Act Practices cases.

For a step-by-step guide to collections, see Your Guide to the Collection Process.

Because Joe Perry Redd is a lawyer licensed in state and federal court, he is able to handle all aspects of your creditor legal problems. In fact, Reddlaw has earned a reputation for a rather uncompromising attitude when collecting debts and enforcing judgments on behalf of clients.

Debt Collection is a Process, Not an Event

The following pages will give you more information about debt collection:

Your guide to the collection process: How it works, step by step.

Advantages of hiring an attorney for collections: In many cases, we cost less than a collections agency. Plus, attorney Joe Redd has legal tools he can use to collect on a judgment.

Contingency attorney fees*: Since we work on a contingency basis, we do not get paid until you get paid.

Recovery of your attorney fees: You may be able to recoup some of your expenses.

Pre-judgment remedies: During this phase, the debtor is sent one demand letter, and one letter only for payment.

Judgment collections: Once the court gives us the go ahead, we can file a creditor lawsuit and take other legal actions on your behalf.

Post-judgment remedies: Wage garnishments and liens on property can be invoked if the judgment is in your favor.

Foreign judgment collections: We help collect debt on judgments made outside the state of Georgia.

Federal judgment collections: We help collect debt on judgments made at the federal level as attorney Joe Perry Redd is licensed to litigate in federal court.

Commercial collections: We help small to medium-sized business owners collect their debts.

Individual collections: If you are not being paid for your services, take action that a collection agency cannot take: legal action.

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*"Contingent attorney's fees" refers only to those fees charged by attorneys for their legal services. Such fees are not permitted in all types of cases, but are generally permitted in collection cases. Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action must be paid by the client. We will not incur expenses over $50 without your prior approval.